“ Adjust”

I write this as I sit in the car , while my husband is in his dentist appointment.

As I was getting ready to leave my house, I looked out the window. It was cloudy , I can see the trees moving from the wind. I said to myself I can wear my jean shorts , with a sweatshirt. The weather seemed to be in between. It appeared to be a cool day.

I come outside, think to myself such a nice , not hot day. Well that ended quickly. I sat in the car waiting, growing warmer by the minute. The sun came out and beamed on me in the car. I had to face it, it was hot!

Why did I in August, put on a heavy sweatshirt. I thought putting it on with shorts would make it in season. I know that it’s summer, and that outfit could have worked for the fall. I knew it wasn’t the correct season , still I put it on.

Good thing I had a summer shirt in the trunk of my car. I changed right in the car , in the parking lot. It’s important to be aware of of the seasons of our lives. That’s not the lesson SIS!

The lesson was when God makes a sudden change, can I adjust to it. It was cloudy when I left the house, but there was a shift in the weather. Do I trust the shift that God is making in my life, Can I adjust to his will and deny what I want.

I had to change my shirt to be comfortable, would I have been able to sit uncomfortably , while I waited on my husband. Can I be uncomfortable when adjusting to what God says, can I wait in discomfort for him to perform his word?

I realized that adjusting to what God has for me, keeps me from striving in the things of God! I can adjust , because he is worth the wait. Adjust yourself, this shift in God IS WORTH THE WAIT.

The lost heart. Lost in the hurt of life

Lost in chaos , Drowned by the storms of life. A lost heart, no longer beating inside the body. The lost heart, looking for home, love.

The lost heart, broken

The lost heart found by Jesus Christ.

Pieced together by his love

The lost heart healed, found. Restored to where it belongs.

I wrote this poem so that you’re reminded, that no matter where your heart goes, you can be found by the one who loves you. You can trust him with your heart.

Start with Yourself!

Y’all remember I turned 40 last month? I feel like there has been so much, that has been downloading to me. I feel a new level of wisdom, self awareness, total trust in the way God created me. I know myself, I know myself in Christ!

I sat by the waterfall with my husband on Sunday. We talked about life, the beauty of it, and areas of our hearts that God was dealing with. I started to talk about loyalty, and how it became a hindrance, a roadblock to me. How I placed loyalty to things, people, above myself.

Loyalty is good when placed appropriately! I was loyal even when things were not beneficial to me, loyal even when I was the only one reaching out. Listen, I was loyal to the point of pursuing what use to be , trying to drag old seasons into my now blooming season.

I know we all can relate to being loyal in the name of trying not to look like the disloyal person. There are times in friendships, or any kind of relationship, we want to prove we are down for life. What if that loyalty have you not showing up for yourself ? We are loyal to jobs that we are no longer passionate about.

I had a loyalty that kept me fighting for a friendship , when the truth is…. it was over! So in my trying to show loyalty I ignored the facts. I was forcing interaction, that left me drained. I thought it will be disloyal to say , this has ran it’s course.

We can be so loyal to dead things, that we are disloyal to what brings us life. Loyalty does not mean unhappiness for you. It should not kill your purpose. Loyalty to yourself is not a selfish act, but a freedom. A freedom to love and forgive, while moving into the new.

Loyalty is not living in the past. We spend to much time dwelling there! Do yourself a favor , and be loyal to you. If living your purpose looks like disloyalty , then you’re not being loyal to yourself.

Loyalty allows you to flourish, it’s growth! To top it off be loyalty to God First, committed to him. I love how he keeps adding another level of wholeness.


When I lost my mom I was offended by God. The audacity of him to be God! I dare you not be , what I tell you to be in a moment that mattered the most to me. This is how I felt, Losing a love one is offensive. God still loved me through that. So when my dad went to be with the lord , I knew how to hurt , without carrying offense.

The scriptures say he takes the sting out of death , not grief. Grief can leave , then come knocking unexpectedly. Carrying on is not the antidote for grief, acknowledging it is. Acknowledging the days when you don’t feel your best.

You may not be grieving a death, but you have experienced loss. You maybe grieving what could have been, loss of a friendship, or any relationship. My unsolicited advice is to acknowledge it. Take the time to recognize your hurt, allow God to heal you.

I think that sometimes we can be irresponsible with grief in the church. I think that we want a person back in place, because we think that will make them better. There’s a misconception that if they just get back to what they use to do, it will ease the hurt.

The thing is there is no getting back to normal. OH Grief changes you! We hurt ourselves and others if we don’t take the time for healing. With any thing you face in life, take the time to be healed. God wants to heal you!

If there is someone you know who may be grieving a loss of any kind give them the space to go through that. Don’t rush them through according to your timeline.

Hey! We all working through something, but through it all God remains Faithful!

Psalm 34:18


One morning I was watching this show on television. In this show the objective was to see how far you have to go to scare someone. The people being scared were set up by someone they knew. They were literally scaring people out of their minds. I mean the worst case scenarios were happening. Most of what was happening could happen, but would rarely happen. You ever have those times when you say this is like a scene from a movie?

As I watched there were two things I noticed. 1. They always asked are you scared yet? 2.They were persistent ,until they knew the person was on the brink of a heart attack. I starting thinking about the big illusions the enemy tries to bring before us. He goes through drastic measures , to keep us from thinking with clarity. In the show because the illusion of doom, the individuals were frozen. They did not realize that the one person trying to scare them , was laughing the hardest.

The enemy does that to us , he’s persistent in his tactics. The whole time is saying are you scared enough to quit? He’s trying to make us forget the promise. We have to realize the extreme measures the enemy takes to get us to forfeit the destiny God has for us. He weighs on our minds, where we over think situations. The enemy is persistent trying to make us ignorant of his tactics.

He has no new ideas , he uses the same scenarios, ask us the same question. (Are you scared yet?) If only the individuals took a moment to stop and think, they would of observed the smoke screens. We have to be persistent in feeding ourselves the word of God. Staying in God’s word keeps us wise to the enemy’s devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Don”t allow satan’s scare tactics to rob your thoughts, your freedom. Recognize the tactics he is using in your life, what keeps repeating itself. What are you allowing to keep hindering you. When the enemy tells you , you don’t have enough, you respond my God will supply all my needs. Philippians 4:19. Remember it’s all Scare Tactics.

Toxic 2020

This is the year everything and everyone became toxic. Calling someone toxic is almost trendy! You struggle differently, so your toxic. There is always a new wave and toxic is one of them. Your mindset is too opposite of mine , You’re Toxic!

Don’t get me wrong there are toxic people, environments. Staying in toxicity is detrimental to our emotional well being. It’s draining, but so are some of your traits. We have to know when we are contributing to toxic behaviors.

Do we allow people space to be different? Have our own toxic behavior clouded our judgement. Our healing does not require the putting down of another, but the uplifting of oneself.

Ask yourself, have I taken responsibility for my behavior. I realized for me to be better, is not to judge someone else’s process. If I am in a toxic situation, I must remove myself . If we don’t look introspectively , we will find a pattern, of attracting toxicity to our lives.

So today I go with a little more grace. Not everyone is toxic. I find that I heal better, when I focus on myself. Whew God is still working on me , how about you?

Purpose is like a budding flower, filled with layers. Purpose can change as you grow. What does not change is your purpose to glorify God. Every purpose he placed in you , will bring him glory. When you walk in God’s purpose for your life, you will see him work through you.

God’s purpose for you , does not need to be compared with someone else’s purpose. The thing is we have purpose in common, God knew we would. So he created many vehicles for us to get there, we may even ride in the same vehicle, that does not mean we are all making the same stops.

Think about your purpose, think about how God wants you to pursue it. Jump in your vehicle and ride into your purpose. Allow God to lead you, direct you . Purpose is so much better when God is the driver!

See around 1:15 , with a video chat.